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Tactical Paintball Games is an exciting new “gun owners only” field. We have listened to local area paintballers who want the same excellent staff and short drive from Vancouver that Tawwassen Paintball Games offers, but lower paint prices and more squad based play. We offer a safe and fun environment for those players who are looking for the next level of paintball play, but who are not interested in tournament play. There will be open games held every Saturday, and the field will also be available for private bookings. Please consult the Field Schedule for up an up to date list of events. We will be hosting special events and mini-scenarios throughout the year, so please check back often. We also encourage women to join us. I guess you can say that Tactical PB has gone high tech :)


Tactical Paintball Games is owned and operated by Tsawassen Paintball Games which has been in operation for over 10 years, and has become synonymous with the best Paintball the Lower Mainland has to offer. So what separates Tactical Paintball Games from “other” Paintball fields? Here are a few of the reasons.

    1. The Field : Our field is ‘the field’ for Paintball. This site has been in operation for over 10 years, and we know exactly how to use the field to maximize your playing pleasure. We have legendary areas such as ‘firebase gloria’ and ‘the two two-stories’. We designed this field around competitive bushball and are very happy to provide a field that has something everyone will love. We have dense bush, perfect for sniping. We have an urban house/tire area for tactical team warfare. We also have huge buildings for planned out assault and defense scenarios. No where in BC will you find the field we have designed and maintained for you, the gun-owning bushball player. We are proud to host Bushball tournaments.
    2. Experienced Staff : Our staff has been playing and running Paintball games for years, so they know what it takes for you to have a FUN and SAFE time. We use more referees per player than any other Paintball field to ensure that you always get service when you need it. The referees are there for you – the players – so don’t hesitate to ask any questions throughout the day.
  1. The Community : Since we have been in the local scene for so many years a community of great players has developed around us. Each weekend you will find seasoned bushball players chatting up the new gun owners, newer players getting advice from seasoned professionals, and people from every corner of the lower mainland creating friendships because of this great sport of ours.
  2. The Ranking System : We’ve created the ranking system with the competitive bushball player in mind. Instead of offering expensive memberships we have designed a system that will reward you for playing with us, and for playing well. Since this is a gun-owner only field, we are going to offer a level of competition never seen in bushball before. Not only will you be able to ‘rank up’ to earn sweet rewards, but you will also be able to form bushball teams, called ‘squads’ and prove who really is the best!
  3. Gun Owners Only! : At Tactical Paintball Games we offer a ‘renter-free’ zone. This field is for the owners to enjoy competitive ‘next level’ Paintball.

Not all Paintball fields are the same. At Tactical Paintball Games we know that we provide the best overall value for our customers, and our repeat customers seem to agree :)


Tactical Paintball Games is located 30 minutes south of Vancouver at Highway 17 and Nullelum Way. It is located on the same site as Splashdown Waterpark. We accommodate almost any size group, from small groups to the Band Of Brothers Paintball scenario series. Every Saturday we run drop in games where any size groups, providing they have their own equipment are welcome to join in. Private games are available Monday to Friday and select Sundays. Please see our Pricing and Booking section for details.

We now have a special feed to help our corporate clients. It’s called the financial field. Especially designed for hedge fund managers and wall street types.


Urban Assault + Tire City

The first thing you will notice when stepping onto the Tactical Paintball Games field is the massive sprawl of an urban and tire city. We have designed this area to demand the need for squad and player communication. Take special note of the pair of two-story buildings, their presence is intimidating.

Recommenced Tactics : Player

  • Move fast, move often.
  • Always keep an eye on where the other team is hiding. Don’t get surprised.
  • Watch out for snipers in the two story buildings. They’re waiting for you to stick your head up.
  • Good shoes and sliding shorts are a bonus. Don’t be afraid to slide into a bunker, it might be your only choice.

Recommenced Tactics: Squad

  • Cover your squadmates. There are a lot of places to hide, don’t let your friends be surprised.
  • Communicate, communicate. In this densely packed area your opponents will move just as often as you. Let your squadmates know where they are.
  • Suppressing fire. Have your heavy gunner lay down a rope of paint while your assault team moves in for the sweep.

*Pictures will be available soon*


The Deep Forest

As you move past the Urban Assault and Tire City you’ll find yourself in the thick of it, literally. The Deep Forest is bushball at its finest. Confusing trails, heavy bush, and true ‘Pathfinding’ are among this area’s perks. This is the Snipers paradise.

Recommenced Tactics: Player

  • Keep a listen out for other players, your ears will tell you where they are before your eyes will. Listen for the breaking of twigs.
  • Fire when you’re sure someone is there. After you fire your position will be known by everyone in the surrounding area.
  • Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Move off the path and hide in some bushes. Snipers will do well here.

Recommenced Tactics: Squad

  • Keep radio chatter to a minimum. Don’t let the enemy know where you are.
  • Record and remember the paths, use that knowledge to quickly get to where you need to go.

*Pictures will be available soon*


Firebase Gloria

Few things in local Paintball stir emotions like the Firebase Gloria. With it’s own trench system, a ring of tire bunkers, and two floors of defense, the Firebase Gloria is the standard by which all other buildings are kept to. The Firebase is a local legend. It’s back. It’s better than ever. Prepare yourself.

Recommenced Tactics: Assault

  • Work together. Do not try to assault this base without a plan.
  • Focused assault. Set objectives and take them out. Do not waver from your plan
  • Fire and movement are your friends. Keep the defender heads down while you advance.

Recommenced Tactics: Defense

  • Work together. Call out enemy positions and support your friends. If you are getting attacked heavily on the western side send defenders to support.
  • Structure your defense based on your players. If you have the top ranked sniper, put him to good use.